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Upgrade from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2013: Part 1

Part 2 of this Screencast is available here.

We have already demonstrated the installation of Exchange Server 2013 on Windows Server 2012 — the so called Greenfield installation — implementing a new Exchange organization:
How to Install Exchange 2013 on Windows Server 2012

In the real world, most probably, you will have to introduce Exchange 2013 CU2 or later into an existing Exchange organization.

This is a serious project that covers a lot of ground and requires careful planning and implementation. To keep our detailed step-by-step approach and make it easier to follow, we have split the Screencast in two parts.

In part 1, we confirm that our organization covers the prerequisites for Exchange 2013, and we perform Active Directory and Exchange 2007 health check. Then, we prepare the schema, install Exchange 2013, and validate the installation and the mail flow between the servers.

For your convenience, we have published the text file with our project plan
and commands that we are using in the Screencast here

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Step 1 We start with Active Directory health check and make sure that our network covers Exchange 2013 requirements.

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Step 2 Next, we check whether Exchange 2007 covers the upgrade prerequisites. Then we document existing custom connectors, export transport rules, and make sure that a default OAB is configured for the mailbox databases.

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Step 3 In this step, we extend the schema and introduce Exchange configuration data into the forest. Then, we confirm the result by checking the schema version and msExchProductId value for the created Exchange organization object.

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Step 4 Next, we add required features and packages and perform the actual Exchange 2013 installation.

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Step 5 Finally, we demonstrate different ways to validate Exchange 2013 installation and test the mail flow between Exchange 2007 and our new server.

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