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How to Synchronize Automatically SBS 2011 Administrator Password with DSRM Account Password

During the second stage of SBS 2011 standard installation, you are prompted to create a Network Administrator account (often referred to as the “SBSAdministrator”). This account is used for all future administration of the Small Business Server. At the same time the new SBS Administrator account password is synchronized with the DSRM (Directory Services Restore Mode) account password. That way, if you need to boot in Directory Service Restore mode and perform Active Directory Repair operations you will be able to use the SBS administrator password.

There is a hidden problem though. You might expect that when you change the SBS administrator account password, it will be automatically synchronized with the underlying DSRM account password. Unfortunately, this is not the case. By default SBS accounts are forced to change password every 180 days and it is quite possible that the original SBS Administrator password (set during the installation process) gets lost in time. As you can guess, this presents a serious problem if you need to boot in DSRM and recover from a problem with Active Directory.

In this Screencast, we will demonstrate two approaches for synchronizing the SBS Administrator account password with DSRM account password. First, you will see how to perform a manual synchronization. Then, we will show you how to use Task Scheduler and automate the whole process.

Testing the result is very important in this case, and we will also demonstrate how to boot and login in DSRM, after a password change.
For your convenience, we have published the text file with the commands which we are using in the Screencast here .

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Step 1 In this step, we discuss Directory Services Restore Mode and the account which you must use when booting in this mode. Then we demonstrate how to synchronize manually the DSRM account password with the SBS Administrator password.

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Step 2 Next, you will see how to automate the password synchronization with Task Scheduler. Finally, we will show you how to boot in DSRM (both ways – using the F8 key and modifying the boot options).

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