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Screencast: How to Configure Smart Host in SBS 2008 – Getting Started Tasks

There are cases, when you need to configure a Smart Host for your e-mail server. A typical example is the situation, when your ISP blocks outbound connections on TCP port 25. Another, very common case is when you are using an IP address which belongs to a range of Dynamic IP addresses. It is a common practice to drop smtp connections or discard e-mail messages sent from a dynamic IP address.

The chances for a small business to be in such a situation and to need a Smart Host are high. That’s why one of the important and useful wizards in SBS 2008, Getting Started tasks, is Configure Smart Host for Internet e-mail.

In the following screencast, you will see how to configure a Smart Host in Small Business Server 2008.

Note: If you need to change the SmartHost port – check this Screencast

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Step 1 In this step, you will follow the process of running the Configure Smart Host for Internet e-mail in SBS 2008.

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