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Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) 3.0 is installed during the initial SBS 2008 integrated setup. A top site – Companyweb, is configured automatically, and in most cases this is the name by which WSS is referred to in Small Business Server 2008.
As a matter of fact, Companyweb made its debut in SBS 2003. Now, you can see in Companyweb a much-improved and mature product, running on .NET Framework 3.0-based WSS 3.0, providing an incredible productivity tool for use within your organization. Companyweb enables SBS users to share contacts, calendars, links, announcements, documents, and photos, using an easy-to customize web interface. At the same time, it is probably one of the most overlooked products in SBS 2008.

In this Step-by-Step Screencast, we will present an overview of SBS SharePoint Services. You will see that WSS has two types of web sites:
- SharePoint CA (Central Administration) web site that is used for advanced configuration and management.
- User web site, that contains the actual information shared between users.

Just in case you haven’t added a trusted/commercial SSL certificate, we will show you how to install the SBS 2008 Certificate Distribution Package on a remote Windows client and mobile device. As SharePoint sites have a mobile version, generated automatically, we will demonstrate how to access it from a mobile device too.
Microsoft has released a free package of 40 ready-to-use SharePoint templates which cover a wide range of business scenarios. They are known as the "Fab40" or the Fabulous Forty, and you can download them from here. You might find the installation of these templates a daunting task (especially if you install them one by one). For your convenience, we have created a script - fab40.bat. As you will see in our Screencast, the installation of Fab40 with this script is easy and fast.
Finally, we demonstrate how to create new sites, using both Server Admin Templates and Site Admin Templates, and how to modify them according to your needs.

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