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Screencast: How to Perform Bare-Metal Restore in Small Business Server 2008 (SBS 2008)

Bare-metal restore is a technique in the field of data recovery and restoration where the backed up data is available in a form which allows one to restore a computer system from “bare metal”, i.e. without any requirements as to previously installed software or operating system.

Bare-metal restore has always been one of the most dreaded procedures in the life of the Network Administrator. Here you can see the new Windows Server Backup in action.

The wizard automatically searches for local backup disks, and if there are any, selects the last available backup. Of course, you can choose a previous backup from the available list.

In this Screencast we will demonstrate the process of Bare-Metal restore in SBS 2008. Instead of choosing to restore from backup on a local disk, we will show you how to restore from backup on a Network Share.

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Step 1 In this step, we will perform Bare-Metal recovery of SBS 2008.

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