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Screencast: How to Configure Server Backup in SBS 2008. Getting Started Tasks.

In this Screencast, we will demonstrate Step-by-Step how to configure server backup in Small Business Server 2008.

Probably, you already know that Windows Server 2008 backup is based on a totally different concept in comparison with NTBACKUP included in the previous versions of Windows OS.

The version of Windows Server backup included in SBS 2008 is significantly improved in comparison with the version included in the release version of Windows Server 2008. The major change is that you are able to backup and restore Microsoft Exchange Server and Sharepoint services.

You have the options to backup to an internal or external drive (provided by the Wizard in the Getting Started Tasks). In addition, you can backup to a remote share or DVD (these options are available only when you use the Backup console in Administrative Tools).

In the following screencast, you will see a demonstration of the Configure Server Backup Wizard in Getting Started Tasks, SBS 2008.

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Step 1 Configure and schedule server backup in SBS 2008.

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