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Screencast – How to Install MySQL, PHP using FastCGI, and Joomla on IIS7, Windows Server 2008 (x32)

In a series of step-by-step screencasts, we will demonstrate the installation of some of the popular MySQL and PHP applications on IIS7. We will start by demonstrating the installation of Joomla on x32 version of Windows Server 2008.

The recommended approach when installing PHP on IIS7 is using FastCGI, which combines stability and the improved CGI performance.

You will need the following packages for this installation:
● MySQL 5.1 Community Server – Windows ZIP/Setup.EXE (x86)
● PHP 5.2 Non-thread-safe zip package. You will squeeze some additional performance using the NTS PHP package.
● Joomla! 1.5 package

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Step 1 We start by installing the Web Server role on Windows Server 2008.

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Step 2 In step2, we install and configure MySQL on our server.

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Step 3 Configuring PHP 5 on IIS7 is one of the key steps before we install Joomla! on IIS7. We also check the result of installing both MySQL and PHP on our Windows Server 2008.

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Step 4 We install and configure Joomla! on the server, and finally test it.

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