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Initial Configuration Of Windows Server 2008 Core Installation

When you are configuring a Windows Server 2008 Core Installation, you will have to use most of the time command line. In this screencast, we will demonstrate some of the most common tasks which you will need to perform. We cover changing administrator’s password, machine name, server activation, setting Time and Date, Regional options, IP configuration, joining a domain, installing a server role and managing it remotely from a Windows Server 2008 Full installation.

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Step 1 First, we will change administrator’s password and activate the server.

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Step 2 Next, we will set Time and Date, and Regional options.

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Step 3 In this step, we will configure a static IP address, default DNS server and join a domain.

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Step 4 You can see here, how to login to the Windows 2008 Core server using Universal Principle Name (UPN). We demonstrate how to change server’s name.

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Step 5 In the last step of the screencast, we demonstrate how to install the DNS server role on Windows Server 2008 Core installation and how to manage it remotely.

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