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Screencast – Scalix Mail Server – Active Directory Integration

A few words about the Scalix AD integration which you can see bellow:

What makes Scalix an unique messaging solution is its ability to integrate with Windows Active Directory. If you already have Active Directory in place and decide to integrate Scalix with it, you will be able to fully manage your users through the ADUC (Active Directory Users and Computers) console. This is achieved by extending the AD schema and upgrading the ADUC console.

You will see an additional tab (Scalix) in ADUC where you can set the Scalix options for your users – create mailbox, set permissions, and etc. Once you create a mailbox for a user (or create a distribution group), or change some of the user settings in Scalix tab the changes are applied to Scalix server through a SA (Synchronization Agreement). It is important to note that the SA is running on the Scalix server at a predefined by you interval (in our demo I have set it to run every minute), and it updates only newly created or modified objects.

Another extremely important feature is the SSO (Single Sign On) Kerberos Authentication. Instead of using and maintaining separate usernames and passwords for AD and Scalix the clients are using their AD credentials when accessing their e-mail.

You are going to see the AD integration in the following video tutorial as well as the configuration of SSO (Single Sign On).

Click to play 1 video
Step 1 Extend AD Schema. Update ADUC (Active Directory Users and Computers) console.

Click to play 2 video
Step 2 Create Active Directory SA (Synchronization Agreement).

Click to play 3 video
Step 3 Test the agreement – check for errors and warnings. Set the SA update as a crontab job

Click to play 4 video
Step 4 Configure SSO – generate Kerberos “keytab” file containing the shared secret key of the UAL service.

Click to play 5 video
Step 5 Configure SSO – merge “keytab” file and allow Kerberos authentication.

Click to play 6 video
Step 6 Test the SA update and SSO login – create a test user.

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