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Screencast: How to Install AD DS and Promote Windows 2012 Domain Controller, is available here

Windows Server 2008 introduces a lot of enhancements and new features in Active Directory Services. Promoting a Windows Server 2008 as a Domain Controller is performed by adding the Active Directory Domain Services role in Server manager. When you are adding this role, you will notice also the following roles:
- Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS - provides an identity access solution
- Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS) - provides directory services for applications. It replaces Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM) in Windows Server 2003
- Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS) – provides information-protection.
We will demonstrate the installation and configurations of these services in a series of screncasts. In the following short steps, you will see how to install a new Windows Server 2008 forest. After adding the Active Directory Domain Services role, we will use the Advanced mode installation in dcpromo wizard. The Advanced Mode installation provides the following additional options:
- When creating new forest – Change NetBIOS name.
- When adding new domain in an existing forest – Create a new Domain Tree, Change NetBIOS name, Source Domain Controller.
- Additional Domain Controller in an existing domain – Install from Media, Source Domain Controller, Specify Password replication Policy (for RODC).
- Create an account for RODC - Specify Password replication Policy.
- Attach a server to an account (RODC) - Install from Media, Source Domain Controller.

The DCPROMO wizard, which you can use for the Active Directory Domain Services role installation,provides an improved and friendlier interface, compared to the previous versions of DCPROMO.
For example, you don’t have to run “DCPROMO /adv” in order to use the advanced mode. As you can see in the screencast below, this is available as an option in the beginning, when you start the wizard.
Also, you can set the Forest and Domain functional levels, and export the answers which you have provided to an unattend file – in case you want to run DCPROMO later, or use the file for a Core server promotion.
As we have mentioned, the following Step-by-Step Screencast demonstrates the installation of a new Windows Server 2008 forest.

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