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Screencast – How to Export Self-Issued (Exchange 2007) Certificate to a File and Install it on a Mobile Device

We have already demonstrated in one of our SBS 2008 Screencasts
how to install Small Business Server 2008, Self-Issued SSL Certificate on a Mobile Device.
If the certificate you are using is not issued by a trusted CA, ActiveSync will fail to connect. If you use a SSL certificate from a Commercial CA (Certificate Authority), you might not have to install it on the mobile devices. Usually, the certificates from the most popular commercial CAs are preinstalled in the root store of the mobile device. If the certificate that you have purchased is not in the list of trusted Root CA of the mobile device – you have to follow the procedure demonstrated bellow.
A default installation of Exchange 2007 uses a Self-Issued SSL certificate for the Exchange Server 2007 installation.

In the following screencast, we will show you Step-by-Step how to export Self-Issued SSL certificate to a file. We will also demonstrate how to configure ActiveSync, and connect the mobile device to an Exchange Server 2007.

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Step 1 In this step, we take a look at the Self-Issued SSL certificate used in Exchange Server 2007, and export it to a file.

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Step 2 In step2, we install the Self-Issued SSL certificate on a mobile device, and configure ActiveSync to connect to Exchange Server 2007.

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