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Screencast: How to Configure Standard (Per-Mailbox) Database Journaling in Exchange Server 2007 SP1

Exchange journaling allows you to create a copy of e-mails in your Exchange organization (journal e-mails), and send them to a dedicated (journal) mailbox on an Exchange Server. This process is often required for the purposes of regulatory compliance, data retention, etc.
Exchange Server 2007 supports envelope journaling – as you can see in our demo, the original message is wrapped in a journaling envelope. This allows you to see the sender, and all recipients, including BCC recipients, and recipients in distribution lists.

In addition, you can choose between two types of journaling in Exchange Server 2007:
– Standard journaling (the so called Per-Mailbox Journaling). You can enable it per mailbox database and all messages sent to/from addresses on that database are journaled. As you can see in the Screencast bellow, the destination (journal) mailbox should reside on a database which is not being journaled.
-Premium journaling. It can target an Internal scope, External scope, Global scope, and Specific Journal Recepients, and we will demonstrate it in a separate screencast.

Standard and Premium journaling are available both in Exchange Server 2007 Standard and Exchange Server 2007 Enterprise edition. If you are planning to implement Premium Journaling on Exchange Server 2007 Standard edition, you need Exchange Enterprise CALs (Client Access Licenses) for the mailboxes which you are planning to journal.

Journaling is often configured together with message archiving. Archiving is the process of storing the already journalled e-mails in a separate environment. We will demonstrate some of the popular archiving solutions in a series of screencasts too.

In the following Step-by-Step Screencast, we will demonstrate how to configure Standard (per-Mailbox) Journaling to a trusted (locked down) mailbox in Exchange Server 2007 SP1.

Click to play 1 video
Step 1 In the first step, we create a new journal mailbox on a new Mailbox database. We demonstrate also how to lock down this mailbox to avoid spoofing messages.

Click to play 2 video
Step 2 Next, we enable Standard Journaling on a Mailbox Database and test Exchange Journaling.

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