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How to Configure HTTP to HTTPS OWA Redirection in Exchange 2013

Configuring OWA as the default web page is one of the common tasks that you might have to perform when installing Exchange 2013. We’ve already demonstrated this process in Exchange 2003, Exchange 2007, and Exchange 2010.

In this Screencast we demonstrate how to perform automatic HTTP to HTTPS redirection to the default Exchange 2013 OWA page. Instead of facing the “Page can’t be displayed”, or even worse – the “403 Forbidden: You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied”, clients are silently redirected to the OWA sign in page.

The provided instructions work both in Server 2012/ IIS8 and Server 2012 R2/ IIS8.5.

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Step 1 In this step, we demonstrate how to configure automatic HTTP to HTTPS redirection to OWA sign in page in Exchange 2013.

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