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Screencast: How to configure an account with permissions to run ExMerge utility – Exchange 2000/2003

The account which is used to run ExMerge utility must have “Send As” and “Receive As” permissions on the corresponding Mailbox store. The built-in administrator accounts as well as the built-in administrative groups inherit the Deny permission for both the “Send As” and “Receive As” permission. As a result Deny overrides the Allow permission which you can set manually through ESM. A clean and functional approach is to create an account for ExMerge with the necessary permissions.

Note: Screencast, How to ExMerge Mailboxes in Exchange 5.5 Server, is available here

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Step 1 Create an account for ExMerge and grant local admin rights to it.

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Step 2 Delegate “Exchange View Only Admin” rights and grant “Send As” and “Receive As” permissions.

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Step 3 Run ExMerge using the configured account.

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