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Screencast: How to Configure Message Size Limits in Exchange Server 2007 SP1

Setting and managing the message size limits which are applied to the individual messages traversing your organization is an important part of the successful implementation of Exchange Server 2007 infrastructure.

In the following Step-by-Step Screencast, we will demonstrate the different scopes of message size limits which you can configure in Exchange Server 2007 SP1. There are several important improvements which SP1 added regarding the message size limits implementation. One of them is the option to manage Message size limits through the GUI – the Exchange Management Console. All our examples are demonstrated both by using the Exchange Management Console and the Exchange Management Shell.

In addition, it was a common situation to have conflicting Organizational and Global limits in Exchange 2007 RTM. In Exchange Server 2007 SP1 this problem has been resolved. As you can see in the Screencast, changes that you make to the organizational limits are automatically copied over to the Global limits.

We also demonstrate how to apply message limits to the inbound and outbound messages on the Send and Receive connectors.

There are special users who must send or receive messages that are larger than the specified allowed size. We demonstrate such scenarios both by configuring User limits and by creating Transport rules.

We also pay special attention to the Order of precedence for Message Size limits. You can download the text file with the different scenarios for Order of Precedence for Message Size limits from here. For your convenience, we provide the list of all Exchange Management Shell commands used in the demo here.

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Step 1 In the first step, you can see how to configure the organizational Limits in Exchange Server 2007 SP1. We also take a look at the Global Limits and demonstrate how changes in Organizational limits are copied automatically over the corresponding Global Limits.

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Step 2 Next, we set limits on the Send and Receive Connectors.

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Step 3 In this step, we demonstrate the configuration of User limits. In addition, we go through different scenarios to explain the Order of Precedence for Message Size limits.

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Step 4 Finally, you can see how to fine tune Message Size limits by creating Transport Rules in Exchange Server 2007 SP1.

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