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Screencast: How to Backup And Restore Metabase In IIS6

We have demonstrated in one of our previous screencasts –
How to Troubleshoot Metabase Corruption – Exchange 2000/2003
, using MetaEdit / Metabase Explorer for Metabase troubleshooting.

In this screencast, we will demonstrate how to backup and restore Metabase in IIS6. We will start with the more difficult scenario, when the IIS services are down, and you have to restore manually Metabase, using history files.

You will see, also, how to backup and restore Metabase, using IIS manager – IIS services have to be Up and Running.

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Step 1 We will take a look at an example of Metabase corruption when IIS services do not start. Also, we will examine the Log files and note the IIS dependent services which also fail.

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Step 2 In this step, we will perform a manual restore of the Metabase with history files. We are forced to use manual restore as IIS services are not running.

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Step 3 We check the result of the manual restore of the Metabase and check the log files and the services. We also demonstrate how to backup and restore the Metabase using IIS Manager.

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