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One of the options for Windows 2008 is Core Server Installation. This option provides a minimal operating installation. It resembles very much the minimal installation of Linux. We get only a subset of the server binaries required by the server roles, supported by the Core server installation. The default user interface is the command prompt – you don’t get the explorer shell. In a series of screencasts, we will show you how to install Windows 2008 Server Core and perform the initial configuration steps like IP, Firewall, Domain membership settings, changing Server name, Screen resolution etc. Do not forget that you will be able to connect and manage the Core server from a standard installation remotely via MMC snap-in. In addition, you can manage it remotely via:
- Terminal Server
- Windows Remote Shell
- Command Prompt
You will be able to watch a demonstration of these methods in our Windows 2008 Screencast series. Let’s start with the first screencast – Windows 2008 Core server installation.

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