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How to Set Up Internet Address in SBS 2011 – Getting Started Tasks

Setting up the internet address of Small Business Server 2011 is one of the most important tasks. It involves configuration changes on the local router, on the SBS 2011 server itself, and on the external DNS zone for the internet name which you have chosen. The Setup Internet Address wizard is one of the SBS 2011 Getting started tasks and the successful completion of this task is crucial to the normal functionality and Internet connectivity of the server.

In this Screencast, we will cover two different scenarios when demonstrating the Set Up Internet Address wizard.
First, you will see the ideal scenario, where we perform all configuration tasks through the wizard and everything works without a problem. This involves configuring automatically the required ports on the local router, purchasing a domain name and configuring the external DNS zone for that internet name.
Then, we will discuss in details the configuration changes which have been introduced in the background, and we will demonstrate a more realistic scenario, where you have to configure manually the required ports on the local router and the necessary DNS records in the external DNS zone.

For your convenience, we have published the text file with the DNS records which we are using in the Screencast.

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Step 1 In this step, we demonstrate the ideal scenario when the SBS wizard performs all configuration tasks automatically, both on the local router and server, and on the external DNS zone. We purchase a domain name from GoDaddy through the wizard and let it connect and manage the DNS zone for us. As you will see, we need to modify temporary Internet Explorer security settings, which prevent the wizard from completing successfully.

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Step 2 Next, we discuss the ports which have been configured automatically using UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) technology in the previous step. Then we demonstrate the scenario when UPnP is not available (disabled) and you have to configure the required ports.

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Step 3 The last step is dedicated to configuring manually external DNS zone for the SBS Internet name. First, we take a look and discuss the records created automatically by the wizard in step1. Then we create manually the ports necessary for the SBS normal internet communication.

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