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How to Configure Smart Host in SBS 2011 – Getting Started Tasks.

The default Exchange Server configuration in SBS 2011 is performed when you run the Setup Your Internet Address wizard. There are two ways you can send outbound e-mail to the Internet from SBS 2011:
– Direct delivery – using DNS to send e-mails directly to recipient server.
– Using a forwarding server – Smart Host, which is set up to accept e-mails for forwarding and route them to the correct destination.
The default Exchange 2010 configuration in SBS 2011 is using the first method – Direct Delivery. While it works fine in most cases, there are scenarios when you need to configure and use a Smart Host. Typical examples are:
– Your ISP is blocking outbound traffic on TCP port 25.
– Your SBS 2011 is using a dynamically assigned public IP address.
– Your SBS 2011 is using a statically assigned IP, but it still belongs to a dynamically assigned IP range and mail sent from this IP is blocked or classified as spam.
In the following Screencast we demonstrate how to configure Smart Host in Small Business Server 2011.

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Step 1 We start by checking the public IP address assignment for our SBS 2011. Then we configure smart host and test the result, by sending an outbound e-mail and checking how it has been routed in the email headers.

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