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Screencast: How to Set Up Internet Address in SBS 2008 – Getting Started Tasks

Setting up your Internet Address is the next very important task included in SBS 2008 Getting Started Tasks.
Based on the Public Domain name that you provide (Internet Address), the Wizard configures Remote Web Workspace, Microsoft Exchange and Sharepoint Services. It is important to note that you have to be careful, when choosing the name because changing it is not that easy. Though you can run the Wizard again, and specify a new name, you will not be able to change automatically the Sharepoint Services configuration. As a result, you will lose access to the internal web site in Remote Web Workspace.

If you are looking for the previous screencasts about the installation of Small Business Server 2008, and CIW (Connect to the Internet Wizard), you can find them here

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Step 1 In this step, you will follow the process of running the Set Up Internet Address wizard in SBS 2008.

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Step 2 This is a long video which covers a lot of ground. We will check the result of step1 by testing RWW (Remote Web Workspace). We will demonstrate the new OWA (Outlook Web Access), accessing the Internal Web Site. Then, we will Install the Certificate Distribution Package – without it the Self-signed certificate, generated by the wizard will be considered invalid, and you can not use Outlook Anywhere (Formerly known as RPC over HTTPS), or establish a terminal session to the server and workstations on the local network.
Next, we will configure and test remote desktop connection over RDP 6.1 to the SBS server.
Finally, we will configure an Outlook client for Outlook Anywhere and we will test the connection. Note, that all the tasks described are performed on an external machine the way you will perform these tasks in real life – from home or a remote location.

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