ACMEExchange Let’s Encrypt Client: How to Install a LE Certificate in Exchange Server

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ACMEExchange: A Free Let’s Encrypt Client for Microsoft Exchange Servers

Download ACMEExchange 2.3.0

Client Features:

  • Supports Microsoft Exchange 2019, Exchange 2016, Exchange 2013, and Exchange 2010 server.
  • Simplified and easy to use – just four options and you are good to go (check the video demo).
  • Automatic renewal – the client creates a renewal job in the Task Scheduler.
  • Dependable – deploys a set it and forget it approach; the Let’s Encrypt certificates are managed automatically for you.
  • Detailed logging and email reporting – a certificate renewal report with an info log attached is sent to the provided admin email(s) upon each LE certificate renewal.
  • Easy to add and remove names from the certificate – just run it with the –dns option and the names that you need.
  • Easy Let’s Encrypt certificate renewal – just run it with the –renew option.
  • It’s free – a free Let’s Encrypt client for the LE certificates in Microsoft Exchange Server.

The ACMEExchange client for Let’s Encrypt certificates for Exchange servers that we provide is using the ACMESharpCore library written by Eugene Bekker and available on GitHub.

We have made the client as simple to use as possible, cutting out any extra functionality and tuning it solely for the needs of the Exchange Server admin. On the other hand, it fully automates the process of installing and renewing trusted Let’s Encrypt certificates in Exchange servers.

If you feel that extra functionality needs to be added or you have suggestions for improving the client, we would appreciate your feedback.

ACMEExchange LE Client: How to install a Let’s Encrypt Certificate in Exchange Server 2019

ACMEExchange Client for Let's Encrypt Certificates for Exchange Server

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