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Screencasts: SharePoint

How to Enable Remote Blob Storage with SharePoint 2013 and SQL Server 2014

When dealing with a real-life scenario, you might have to answer addition questions, like:

  • What kind of permissions you need to have and configure, especially when using the least privilege configuration?
  • Do you need to install the RBS Feature Pack on the SQL Server?
  • How do you enable a second, or a third SharePoint content database for Remote Blob Storage?
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How to Install SharePoint Foundation 2013 with SQL Server 2014 Express

SharePoint 2013 Foundation and SQL Server 2104 Express are both free editions and come with certain limitations. As you will see in our demo, the SQL Server 2014 Express memory limits are actually higher than the official 1GB buffer cache per instance. In addition, implementing Remote Blob Storage (using the FileStream provider) allows documents and files to be stored on the file system instead of inside the database itself. As a result, you get improved performance, and you get past the 10GB per database SQL express limit for your content databases.

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Screencast: How to Install and Configure Search Server 2010 Express

In the following Step-by-Step video tutorial, we demonstrate the installation and initial configuration of Search Server 2010 Express. You will see how to prepare Search Server 2010 Express installation disk with the required updates, and how to slipstream SP1 and the latest SharePoint cumulative update into your installation package. That will save you the trouble of running again SharePoint Farm Configuration wizard later, after applying SP1 on a live SharePoint server.

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How to Start and Configure SharePoint Foundation 2010 Search

In time, the amount of information in SharePoint might become overwhelming, and finding what you need might be rather difficult. This is where the built-in SharePoint Foundation 2010 search engine comes into play. In the following Step-by-Step video tutorial, we demonstrate how to start and configure SharePoint Foundation Search.

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