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Screencast: How to Upgrade from Exchange 2013 to Exchange 2019 Featured

Part 1: 

  • Overview of the existing configuration and the upgrade plan
  • Active Directory requirements and health checks – AD replication, DNS health, DCDiag and DNSLint reports
  • Exchange 2013 prerequisites, health checks, and documenting the existing configuration
  • Configuring the new server for Exchange 2019 and preparing Active Directory and Domains
  • Exchange 2019 installation, ExchangeSetup.log monitoring in real time. Addressing the problem with the SCP
  • Validating the Exchange 2019 installation and updating the server

In this Screencast Upgrade Exchange 2013 to Exchange 2019, we demonstrate how to upgrade from Exchange 2013 to Exchange 2019. This is a two-part Screencast – in the first part, we go through the obligatory health checks of the existing Active Directory and Exchange organization, and we pay attention to the most common mistakes and issues that you might have.

For your convenience, the text file with the commands and the plan that we follow is available for download on the Screencast page.

Upgrade Exchange 2013 to Exchange 2019 – Overview

Exchange 2019 Upgrade

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