Video: How to Install a Let’s Encrypt Certificate in Exchange Server 2016

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This screencast refers to the ACME v1 client which does not work anymore.
Please check the new free ACMEExchange client which works with ACME v2 protocol and supports Exchange 2010 – 2019.

The ACMEExchange client is available here.

Screencast :Let’s Encrypt Exchange Certificate – Exchange 2016

  • Configure Exchange 2016 Client Access Namespace and Internal Name Resolution
  • Install a Let’s Encrypt Multiple Domain (SAN) Certificate
  • Explain ACME (Automated Certificate Management Environment) Protocol Functionality
  • Configure and Test the Automatic Let’s Encrypt Exchange Certificate Renewal

In this Screencast Lettsencrypt Exchange Certificate, we demonstrate how to install a Let’s Encrypt Multiple Domain (SAN) certificate in Exchange 2016.
Currently, there are two functional ACME clients for windows:

We’ve already demonstrated the Letsencrypt Win Simple client in the following video Lettsencrypt Win Simple client, and it is suitable for installing single domain certificates on Windows servers running IIS.

For your convenience, we provide as a download the compiled version used in our demo. The text file with the PowerShell commands for the Exchange 2016 Client Access Namespace configuration and the ACME-Exchange.ps1 script used for the automated installation and renewal of Let’s Encrypt Exchange certificates are included in the download package as well.

Letsencrypt Exchange Certificate

Step 2: How to Install a Letsencrypt Certificate in Exchange 2016

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