Screencast: How to Install Exchange 2016

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Screencast :How to Install Exchange Server 2016

  • Perform Active Directory Health Check
  • Install Exchange 2016 Prerequisites and Prepare the Schema
  • Install Exchange Server 2016
  • Validate the Installation and Move the Exchange DB and Log Files to Dedicated ReFS volumes

In this Screencast How to Install Exchange 2016, we demonstrate how to perform a new (greenfield) installation of Exchange Server 2016 on Windows Server 2012 R2. In our demo, we are dealing with a single domain/single forest configuration, but the demonstrated approach is applicable to a multiple domain environment as well. Once we confirm that we are dealing with a healthy AD configuration and we cover the Exchange 2016 directory server requirements, we proceed with extending the schema and preparing the AD.

Next, we prepare the server and perform the actual Exchange 2016 installation, followed by a validation and testing of the new Exchange 2016 server.

Finally, we demonstrate how to prepare dedicated volumes for the Exchange DB and logs (the Exchange setup wizard doesn’t offer the option to choose a location for the database and log files), and how to rename and move the Exchange 2016 DB and logs to their corresponding volumes

How to Install Exchange 2016

Screencast: How to Install Exchange Server 2016

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