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Screencasts: Exchange Server 2013

Exchange Server 2013

Video: Exchange 2013 Upgrade – Running Get-OrganizationConfig in Exchange 2007 Management Shell Generates a Warning About Exchange Recipient Object Name

One of the prerequisites checks that you need to perform is running “Get-OrganizationConfig” in Exchange 2007 Management Shell and confirming that there is no previous successful Public Folders migration. At that point, you get a warning about the Display Name of the Exchange Recipient Object. As it turns out, the name of this object in Exchange 2007 is “Microsoft Exchange”.

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Video: Exchange 2013 – Custom Receive HubTransport Connector Problem

The problem occurs when you choose the “HubTransport role” for the connector type. In this case, the Default Frontend connector, which is the common messaging entry point for the organization, closes connections from remote email servers with “421 4.3.2 Service not available” and effectively rejects accepting inbound e-mails.

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