Video: Exchange 2013 Upgrade – Running Get-OrganizationConfig in Exchange 2007 Management Shell Generates a Warning About Exchange Recipient Object Name

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Free Video :Exchange 2013 Upgrade – Common Errors and Mistakes
Running “Get-OrganizationConfig” in Exchange 2007 Management Shell generates the following warning:

WARNING: Display Name of the Exchange Recipient object should be Microsoft Exchange. Run Set-OrganizationConfig with no parameters to correct the Display Name value.

[floated align=”left”]Exchange 2013 Upgrade[/floated] Migrating the Public Folders is one of the major steps when upgrading from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2013, and we demonstrate this in [tip label=”Part 2” style=”1″ href=”″]Screencast: How to Upgrade Exchange 2007 to 2013 P2 [/tip] of our Exchange 2007 to 2013 upgrade Screencast.

One of the prerequisites checks that you need to perform is running “Get-OrganizationConfig” in Exchange 2007 Management Shell and confirming that there is no previous successful Public Folders migration. At that point, you get a warning about the Display Name of the Exchange Recipient Object. As it turns out, the name of this object in Exchange 2007 is “Microsoft Exchange”. Once you install Exchange 2013 into your organization, this name is modified to “Microsoft Outlook”.

You should completely ignore this warning, even though it suggests to set back the object’s name by running “Set-OrganizationConfig” without parameters.

In this video, we demonstrate what happens when you get this warning and modify accidentally the Display Name of the Exchange Recipient Object, and how to set it back to Exchange 2013 default value – “Microsoft Outlook”.

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