Screencast: Deploying StarWind Virtual SAN and Scale-Out File Server

by admin
NetoMeter Presents :
How to Install and Configure StarWind Virtual SAN and Scale-Out File Server

  • Plan, Install, and Configure a 2-Node StarWind Virtual SAN
  • Deploy a Scale-Out File Server for Applicatons

In this Step-by-Step Screencast, we demonstrate how to deploy a basic 2-node StarWind Virtual SAN and a Scale-out File Server for Application Data.

You can download the <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”><img decoding=”async” src=”/wp-content/uploads/script-icon.jpg” alt=”PowerShell Commands” width=”25″ height=”21″>PowerShell commands</a> that we are using in the demo.

Step1: Installing prerequisites and StarWind Virtual SAN software

Step2: Configuring Highly Available StarWind Disks

Step3: Configuring iSCSI Connections and Multipathing

Step4: Deploying Scale-Out File Server

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