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How to Connect to the Internet SBS 2011 Standard – Getting Started Tasks

Once the installation of Small Business Server 2008 finishes successfully, you can start configuring and managing your server with the SBS console. In a series of screencasts, we will go through the obligatory initial configuration steps for the Small Business Server 2011 – the so called Getting Started Tasks.

The Getting Started Tasks are:

– CIW – Connect to the Internet Wizard
– Customer Feedback Options
– Set up your Internet
– Configure a Smart Host for Internet e-mail (if you need one)
– Add a trusted certificate
– Configure Server Backup
– Add a new user account
– Connect computers to your network
– Add a shared printer to the network

In the following screencast, you will see a demonstration of CIW – Connect to the Internet wizard. One of the common problems which you might encounter is the infamous message – The server found a network that has the DHCP service enabled on the router How to Connect to the Internet - SBS 2011. Getting Started Tasks. This way SBS 2011 enforces itself as a DHCP server on the LAN as you cannot complete the CIW without first disabling any existing DHCP servers. We demonstrate this scenario in our demo using a popular NetGear router.

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Step 1 In this step, you will follow the process of running CIW on SBS 2011. We demonstrate also the scenario when CIW detects an existing DHCP server.

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