Screencast: How to Add a Second Server 2012 Domain Controller

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In this step-by-step video tutorial, we demonstrate how to add an additional Windows 2012 Domain controller to an existing Server 2012 forest.

Screencast: Adding a Second Server 2012  Domain Controller

In step1 of the Screencast, we prepare our new server and install AD DS role:
Fig.1 Add AD-DS Services Role (Server 2012)

Next, we check if the server is ready for promotion and run AD-DS Configuration wizard:
Fig.2 Server Manager – Promote a Domain Controller (Server 2012)

Fig.3 Server Manager – DCPROMO Deplyment Configuration Dialog (Server 2012)


If you hit problems during the prerequisites checks, you can resolve them and rerun the prerequisites checks again:
Fig.4 Server Manager – Add 2012 DC – Rerun Prerquisites Check (Server 2012)


In the last step, we validate the new DC promotion, check AD replication and discuss the various tools you might need in case there are issues:

Fig.5 Add 2012 DC – Check AD Replication

Fig.6 Add 2012 DC – Check SYSVOL and NETLOGON Shares

Finally, we demonstrate how to move some of the FSMO roles to the new Server 2012 Domain Controller.



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