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How to Add a Domain to Office 365. Plan E – Using SharePoint On a Vanity Domain.

We have already demonstrated how to add a Domain to Office 365 – Plan P (Fully Redelegated DNS Zone)

In this Screencast, we will demonstrate adding a domain to Office 365, Plan E. While the P Plans are suitable for small companies and come with a lower price, the E plans are designed to cover the needs of companies from 50 to tens of thousands of users and come with much greater flexibility.

As you will see, the process of adding a domain to Office 365 E plan is more complex. On the first place, there is no way to fully redelegate your DNS zone and you need to create the required DNS records manually.

In addition, you have to be careful when specifying Domain services for the domain which you have added.

Your root domain (in our demo – castbuster.com) Fig1 How to Add a Domain Name Plan E Specify Domain Services Sharepoint Use Vanity Custom Domain cannot be assigned to SharePoint Online together with any other service – Exchange and Lync online Fig2 How to Add a Domain Name Plan E Specify Domain Services Exchange Lync Online. Instead, you need to add a third level domain (e.g., teamsite.castbuster.com) and assign it specifically to your SharePoint Public Website.

As usual, we are following our Step-by-Step approach and at the end we demonstrate the new domain in action: creating a new Global Administrator, configuring Outlook Anywhere and setting a mobile iPad client.

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Step 1 In the first step, we demonstrate how to add and verify a domain in Office 365 Plan E, using the preferred method – adding a TXT record. Then we specify Exchange and Lync Online Domain Services – as you will see, SharePoint Online cannot be specified together with Exchange and Lync services. Finally, we configure the required Office 365 records in the external DNS zone for our domain.

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Step 2 In this step, we add a third level domain for SharePoint Online. Then we create a new Public Web Site in SharePoint Online Administration Center and assign the new third level domain to it. As you will see, you can have multiple Private Site collections but just one Public Web Site. Last, we create a CNAME record for our SharePoint Public Web Site in the external DNS zone.

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Step 3 In the last step we demonstrate the use of the new domain while adding a new Global Administrator, and configuring remote Outlook Anywhere (Outlook 2010) and mobile (iPAD) clients.

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