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How to Renew Exchange 2010 SSL Certificate

The updated version of this Screencast is available here.

In this Screencast, we will show you how to renew an existing Exchange 2010 SSL certificate. In our demo, we are using a GoDaddy Multiple Domain (UCC) certificate, but the instructions are exactly the same when renewing a single domain SSL certificate.

Some people prefer the graphical user interface – Exchange Management Console, while other specialists favor the command line – Exchange Management Shell. We address both approaches in our Screencasts, when generating the CSR (Certificate Signing Request).

First, we will show you how to generate a renewal CSR in Exchange Management Console, by using the Renew Exchange Certificate option. Most Exchange administrators hit a problem when using this option and we discuss in details how to generate the CSR with the correct encoding.

Another way to generate a CSR, when renewing Exchange 2010 trusted SSL certificate, is using Exchange Management Shell, and we demonstrate this approach in Step2.

At the end of the Screencast, we demonstrate how to export an SSL certificate to a PFX (Personal Information Exchange) file, which can be used later to restore the certificate or install it on a different server.

As usual, we provide the commands used in the Screencast in a text file, which you can download here .

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Step 1 In the first step, we demonstrate how to use the Renew Exchange Certificate option in Exchange Management Console. As you will see, it is crucial that the generated CSR (Certificate Signing Request) is using the right encoding.

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Step 2 In the second step, we demonstrate again how to generate a CSR for the expiring Exchange 2010 certificate. This time we are using Exchange Management Shell. The end result is the same as in Step1 – a CSR for your certificate renewal. In addition we show you how to check the content and validity of the generated CSR.

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Step 3 Next, we submit and confirm the CSR for the Exchange 2010 certificate renewal.

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Step 4 Finally, download and install the renewed SSL certificate. You will also see, how to export an Exchange 2010 certificate as part of your backup and restore procedures.

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