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How to Configure POP3 Connector in SBS 2008

Small Business Server 2008 comes with a POP3 connector even though it is not listed in the Getting Started Tasks and it is not configured by default.

You can use the POP3 connector to retrieve e-mails from external POP3 accounts (like accounts at your ISP or GMail), to pre-selected Exchange Server Users or Distribution Groups. When you configure a POP3 connector in SBS 2008, keep in mind the following:

● When a user replies to an e-mail delivered through the POP3 connector, the message is sent from the local Exchange Server (or through a SmartHost – how to configure a Smart Host in SBS 2008). Windows SBS 2008 does not route the reply through the original POP3 e-mail server.
● You can choose between the following types of authentication – BASIC (the logon credentials are sent unencrypted – in clear text), SPA (Secure Password Authentication), and APOP(Authenticated Post Office Protocol).
● You can use SSL (Secure Socket Layer – normally over port 995), if the POP3 provider supports this option. In that case, using BASIC authentication is fine, and we are demonstrating this scenario bellow.

In the following Step-by-Step video tutorial, you will see how to configure a POP3 connector in Small Business Server 2008.

How to Configure POP3 Connector in SBS 2008

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  1. Hi,

    Will be great if you can create a tutorial on how to import / retarget the old emails in Outlook on a peer to peer computer when that computer is joined to domain and now need to have emails delivered via exchange rather than direct POP.