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Screencasts: Small Business Server 2008

Small Business Server 2008

SharePoint Services in SBS 2008 – Companyweb Overview

In this Step-by-Step Screencast, we will present an overview of SBS SharePoint Services. You will see that WSS has two types of web sites:
– SharePoint CA (Central Administration) web site that is used for advanced configuration and management.
– User web site, that contains the actual information shared between users.

Just in case you haven’t added a trusted/commercial SSL certificate, we will show you how to install the SBS 2008 Certificate Distribution Package on a remote Windows client and mobile device. As SharePoint sites have a mobile version, generated automatically, we will demonstrate how to access it from a mobile device too.
Microsoft has released a free package of 40 ready-to-use SharePoint templates which cover a wide range of business scenarios. They are known as the “Fab40” or the Fabulous Forty, and you can download them from here. You might find the installation of these templates a daunting task (especially if you install them one by one). For your convenience, we have created a script – fab40.bat. As you will see in our Screencast, the installation of Fab40 with this script is easy and fast.
Finally, we demonstrate how to create new sites, using both Server Admin Templates and Site Admin Templates, and how to modify them according to your needs.

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How to Join Windows 7 Client to SBS 2008 Domain (Installing SBS Update Rollup 3)

Adding a Windows 7 client to Small Business Server 2008 network is a trivial task and probably the easiest way to do this is to use http://connect in Internet Explorer. You might get the infamous error “This computer does not meet the maximum operating system requirements for running client setup”, if the SBS server is not updated with “SBS 2008 Update Rollup 3 – SBS2008-KB969121-x64-ENU.msp”. In this Screencast, we will demonstrate two ways to solve this issue.

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How to Disable Auto Startup of SBS Console in Small Business Server 2008

One of the first things that you notice after the installation of Small Business Server 2008 finishes is the SBS console. It starts automatically after you logon, and presents you with the list of getting started tasks.
In the following Step-by-Step video tutorial, you will see how to modify the default automatic startup behavior of the SBS console.

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How to Configure POP3 Connector in SBS 2008

You can use the POP3 connector to retrieve e-mails from external POP3 accounts, to pre-selected Exchange Server Users or Distribution Groups. In the following Step-by-Step video tutorial, you will see how to configure a POP3 connector in Small Business Server 2008.

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How to Change Smart Host port in SBS 2008

There are situations when you need to change the default port 25 which is used by the Smart Host. In the following Step-by-Step video tutorial, you will see how to change Smart Host port in Small Business Server 2008.

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How to Import Self-Issued Certificate on a Mobile Device – Small Business Server 2008

A default installation of Small Business Server 2008 uses a Self-Issued SSL Certificate for the Exchange Server 2007 installation. We have already demonstrated in one of our SBS 2008 Screencasts how to import the Self-Issued certificate on a client machine, and allow normal functionality of Remote Web Workplace.
You have to follow a similar approach before you are able to configure ActiveSync, and connect your mobile device to an Exchange Server which uses Self-Issued SSL certificate.
In the following Step-by-Step video tutorial, you will see how to import a Self-Issued SSL certificate on a Mobile Device.

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How to Install SBS (Small Business Server) 2008

SBS 2008 is based on Windows Server 2008 OS and during the installation process it automatically configures the following applications and features:

• The Windows SBS Console
• Microsoft® Exchange Server 2007 (with RPC-over-HTTP and Outlook Web Access functionality)
• Microsoft Forefront™ Security for Exchange Server, Small Business Edition
• Windows SharePoint® Services 3.0
• Windows Live™ OneCare™ for Server
• Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) 3.0 SP1
• Integration with Microsoft Office Live Small Business services
• Remote Web Workplace

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SBS 2008 – Backup to Network Share

If you are running SBS 2008 you might be surprised to find out the the backup section in SBS console does not allow you to backup to Network Share. There are many cases when you might need to use that approach. The following ScreenCast at NetoMeter demonstrates how to perform backup to Network Share in…

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