Table Of Contents > SP2 New Features

New Features in Exchange Server 2003 SP 2

  1. Storage - Database Size Limit Configuration and Management Video
  2. Intelligent Message Filtering
  3. Sender ID Filtering
  4. Specifying the Servers to Exclude from Connection Filtering
  5. Improved Offline Address Book Performance
  6. Moving Public Folder Content to a Different Server
  7. Manage Public Folders Settings Wizard
  8. Synchronizing the Public Folder Hierarchy
  9. Manually Stopping and Resuming Replication
  10. Tracking Public Folder Deletion
  11. Enabling/disabling MAPI Access for a Specific User
  12. Enabling Direct Push Technology
  13. Remote Wiping of Mobile Devices
  14. Global Address List Search for Mobile Devices
  15. Certificate-Based Authentication and S/MIME on Mobile Devices