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Archiving Mail in Outlook

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Archiving the data from you mailbox is a practice regulated by your company policy. Normally you should do it at least once a year. This process reduces the size of your mailbox on the Exchange server while you still have access to it in your Outlook in your Archive folders. here is demonstrated how to perform the Archiving and create the PST file - Step1 and the opposite process - importing the archived data from your PST file, Step2.

Step 1 You have to make three decisions here - what to backup - normally the whole Mailbox, the starting Date - everything older than this Date is going to be Archived, the place for the Archive (the PST file) - you can choose a Mapped folder on a server like your home folder which is regularly backed up or the local hard drive. A good idea is to burn a copy of this PST file on  a CD. CDRom media is very cheap nowadays and you can import all the emails which you have in your computer at home. Your decisions will be based on the company policies and restrictions.

Step 2 This step will demonstrate the opposite process - you are going to import the data from the PST file back into your mailbox.

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